Montag, 3. November 2014

Do you want to know the reason why I'm an European, who is so much in touch with Asian Style and animals, who transform into humans?

It's easy: Watch the first Dragonball-Episodes, where Son Goku is wearing a tail. I was interested in and google it, then it shows me the Sun-Wukong in the Journey-to-the-West-Saga, a species, which was born as a monkey, lives as a monkey but then he got an education and was able to speak like a human. He got magical abilities and can transform in everything (a human too). And is better than the humans!
But he stayed a monkey, in his Behavior!
It's a Saga, but it's different to european sagas: The animals here are a synonym for human behavior and not a special own animal character(for example: Animals wouldn't destruct their own enviroment like the crocodile in the "Sauerkraut"-Film:-)
Or they wouldn't waste package garbage, because other animals on the dumpster depony will die from the poison in it.
Because, for the humans animals are for food only. Or they disturb(Dogshit-city)! What a waste, because the humans don't come together. The animals have their own intelligence, whose could be our future, for sustaining! Best wishes, Max

And today: I have a biology exam -my motivation 4 a good grade is here ...hee hee:-)

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